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Old Odyssey system: value?


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The Odyssey is undoublty the first consumer-sold game system.

The system is made of transistors (the proto was even made of tubes... make sense when you consider that transistors in the 1960 were still a novelty, and that Ralph Baer learning on tubes, it was probably easier for him to think in a "tube logic" before trying on transistor logic).

Tho from readings I got, the system isn't 100% analog, and use some DTL logic, which is binary.

A very interesting machine technically wise.

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The price for one of these was perfectly reasonable until 1 reseller came along and bought up every unit he could cornering the market essentially. Now you can't get one for under 300 and he has an inventory of hundreds of the things. He usually has 15 - 20 for sale at any one time for $500-1000 each. Always wanted one but guess I'll have to wait till he dies to get one.

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