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No Power Switch on UDS ? Solved..


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Well over the last couple of weeks while working on my BBS within MAME, i got real tired of having to unplug the power adapter of the UDS so the Serial Bridge would recognize the connection to the UDS.


As we all know constant unplugging of power adapters can lead to failures especially for these little monsters with the 90 degree plugs and cheap wires.


So I decided to create my own power switch.


Not a big project of course but something that needed to be done. ( for me anyway).


I always wondered why these little devices did not have a power switch.


So here is my solution.


2 x SPST Micro Toggle switches ($3)

2 x 560 ohm 1/4 watt resistors (.20)

1 x 2.1 mm power jack ($2)

2 x 5mm Green LED (.10)

2 x 5mm LED Metal Housing(I had these laying around)

2 x 1/8 audio input jacks ($2) - I use these as I have for my guitar pedal board power brick. They work great and it's a standard for 9 to 18v power pedal boards! so I know they work.

1 cheap plastic enclosure ($2)


I have the original power adapter to the UDS that can handle 2 UDS devices with no issues. My power adapter is rated at 12v and that's why i used the 560ohm resistors. If yours are different voltage you will need to calculate the resistor needed.


Here are my pics.










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I like this. It is an elegant solution to a nagging problem.


Of course, you could also just get a power strip with a lighted switch and dedicate it to the UDS if you weren't technically inclined. Then just use the switch on the strip--and the cost is in the same ballpark.


yes, i thought of that but I needed more control. Since I have a UDS hooked up to real hardware and one hooked up to a PC to use for MAME Geneve emulation i could not use a standard power strip, so this is what I ended up doing. small and compact and it works and looks cool.

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