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Wanted: Atari 400 aftermarket keyboard

Smokeless Joe

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The Atari 400 was my very first computer. I got it for Christmas, probably around 1980. It provided much entertainment and education, but I was always frustrated by its limitations, namely, 16k RAM and the membrane keyboard. I cursed these limitations until around 1985 when we got an 800XL on clearance at Sears. I never looked back at the 400 and have no idea what happened to it. My parents probably threw it away.


I shouldn't say I never looked back because NOW I'm looking back. I'm both nostalgic for my first computer and guilty for how I cursed and forgot about it.


So now I want to get a 400 and really treat it right; trick it out and give it the love and attention it deserves. The 400s and their 48k upgrades seem relatively easy to find. I scored an unused 1st generation 410 a few months ago. I'm in the process of restoring an 810 that's ugly but mechanically won't quit. I got a spare one of Bryan's wonderful video upgrades. If a 400 Incognito ever comes out I'll snap one up.


But I can't seem to find an aftermarket keyboard. The "B Key" upgrade seems like the best one there was. There's a 400 with a B Key already installed for sale on eBay, but it's $200 + shipping and comes with a bunch of other stuff I don't want. Also, I'd really prefer to install the keyboard myself.


Anyone have a spare one they'd be willing to sell? Any place that might have them but isn't advertising? Any other keyboard replacement options I might be overlooking?


Much thanks,

- Joe

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