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Finally Unboxed my Jag Collection


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It's been taking me forever to get my videogame collection and theater room in order since moving into the new house. I finally spent a few hours working on my boxed games.


Hidden are a few unboxed games:

Checkered Flag


Evelotion Dino Dudes



Space War 2000

Wolfenstein 3D


CD Games



Carts, assorted CDs, and my Nuon DVDs



The two white boxes are original run of Aircars, dark black shell. Other notable games are two original BS, a BSG, two FFL Betas, and my numbered Special Edition Gorf.

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Nifty collection you've got there! :love:


...even spot the original Destruction Derby for the PS1. Still love that game myself! And not so funny how there's never been a good derby styled game since. Would love to see an update to *this* particular game. Same gameplay, etc., just with enhanced graphics. Too much to ask for apparently. :(

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