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This was on local TV just this morning and probably never broadcast before. Actually it was probably only filmed in the last couple of weeks too.


I happened to catch the promo last night so set the box to record it this morning.


In order to stop or at least slow the © Police from getting it taken down, I've obscured the thread title and the video is on my YT channel unlisted and without keywords so won't show up unless the direct link is used.


The show is actually available via streaming catch-up TV but you have to join the site and like many it's probably blocked for international access.


He talks about early life, the Atari days including Steve Jobs & Woz, regrets of selling out, lost opportunity of investing in Apple and stuff post-Atari and into our future.


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Thanks for that. Nolan's interviews about Atari always seem to come down to the same few stories nowadays.


Sometimes I watch videos with YouTube's voice-recognition captioning on because my laptop doesn't get very loud. This can make videos much more entertaining. I had to laugh when it translated "Fairchild" to "Impaired Child".

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Yeah, I've kept it sort of incognito because I got hit up by another network when I put just a few minutes worth of video up of a then recently aired show.


This only aired for the first time yesterday so they'll probably be protective of it, though Sunday morning isn't exactly prime time ratings winning stuff.


Alternative is you can use a downloader to grab it from the YT page directly.

Seems every time they change the way the site works or looks it breaks most of them though.

I've recently had some success with the unPlug extension for Firefox.

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You tube enhancer firefox addon allowed me to get a copy of it here. I don't really keep up on this aspect of things Atari so don't yell at me, but I had no clue that both the WOZ and steve were getting Atari pay checks. That story seems to suggest only a garage, being employed by Atari immediately prior to moving into the garage is conveniently left out there. Only 50k for a third of Apple? And Nolan said no thanks. Having access to Nolan and peddling the Apple idea to him also left out of the other story. Thanks, Rybags.

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