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Reuse ideas for broken controllers?

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I have a bunch of broken Atari 2600 joysticks and paddles. Rather than waste time + money fixing them when I already have many working ones, I want to find creative and easy ways to repurpose them. So far I am using 1 joystick as a door stop, and 2 as book ends. I really need an idea on what to do with the 2 broken paddles I have. I can't use them as door handles, anybody got any thoughts?

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Free the paddle cables of the connector, then tie one to a pull chain on any ceiling lamps or fans you may have for a tacky, yet charmingly retro ghetto look. :lol:


Could also donate the joysticks to someone that wouldn't mind refurbishing with the BEST Electronics gold PCB, etc.

hmm.. might give that a try using it as a pull chain for my fan. Donating...ehhh

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