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James Bond Change from Catalog to Game


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That would be terrible Moon Patrol clone. :)

Well, the terrible is certainly right.


A lot can happen to a game between initial concept and release. Probably somewhere along the line they realized the train concept wasn't going to work out like they hoped. But hey, they got a game out. I think there were only 3 vaporware games in that catalog, so they beat the Colecovision.

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Where is this hatred coming from?!


I have always liked the James Bond game. I still remember the day I first saw it at Lionel Playworld. I was ecstatic! Reason being, I was (still am) a huge JB fan and had been searching for it endlessly. Granted, at the time, I incorrectly assumed it was the same game, and I had finally found it.


When I got home, and after playing it, I incorrectly assumed that I would eventually get to the train sequence from Octopussy in a later level. I soon realized, after reading the manual, that it was not possible.


I was a bit confused, but still nonetheless thrilled that I had finally found "the James Bond game." I was happy to see that they incorporated so many movies, and so many elements from them. I never thought of it as a Moon Patrol clone, never even made the association until people here decades later began to say so.


I still like to play the game, even to this day, although I prefer the improved graphics & sounds from the Colecovision version.

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