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Black Screen of Irritation


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I got an Atari, it had controller one issues so I had to resolder the contector. After that it worked like a charm. I cleaned then tested 30 games and played for about 2 hours. After that I cleaned the case up and placed it in my basement for 1 week. I took it out to play yesterday and I could only get a black screen. The TV shows static when Atari is off then I switch it on and the screen turns solid black this happens with or without a game inserted. It's not the game. I am looking for advice on what my next steps should be, I am perfectly capable of replacing chips and such. I am just not sure if there is existing guidance or some standard steps I should take in this situation. Any and all advice is appreciated. The Atari I have is the 4 switch. I am using an rca to coaxial converter.


Thank you,


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I fixed this by removing and resetting the CPU chip. Not sure why that worked.

Over 30-odd years or more, the chips heat up and cool down, the console gets jostled and cause chips to start working lose, and surface corrosion and dust can collect on the tin contacts of the chip and socket. That can manifest itself as symptoms like you were experiencing. Removing the chip and reseating can help with that, as you have now discovered.



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