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Atari 2600 and Harmony Cart Video Issue


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Hi All,

I did the composite video mod a while ago on my Atari 2600. Didn't think so much of it. All the cartridges seem to work ok. A little bit of tearing/visible lines on the very left of screen. However, it does work and play fine. Played a round of Combat and the number at the top were fine. Anyway, when I use my Harmony cartridge. I can barely read the text. However, playing the games everything seems to play as the original cartridges do. Not sure if there is a problem with the cartridge, the mod itself, etc... Anyone else experience this? BTW, I am in NTSC land.


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Bet you're using a modern flat panel TV. A lot of them don't correctly display images from old video game systems that utilize flicker. The use of flicker is required to draw large amounts of text on the Atari, there's no way around it. I posted some images in this topic that show what's going on.


If so, try your Atari on another display. Some flat panels do work OK, though you'll have the best luck with an older CRT.

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Thanks Thomas and SpiceWare. I'll give both a try.


a) Trying my Atari 2600 with the Harmony cartridge on a CRT TV (which currently I was on a LCD Panel). Also, thanks for the explanation you listed about interlace/flicker.


b) To test the LCD panel vs the CRT TV, I'll give Stellar Track and Dark Mage besides seeing what the normal screen looks like.

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