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ColecoVision Controller Question


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I am not really sure where to post this question but I figured this would as good a place as any. I have very vague memories of my brothers Colecovision when I was younger. We had a system with a good amount of pack in titles (6-9 including Donkey Kong). I also remember using these very odd looking controllers. They had colored trigger buttons as well as the telephone button layout and a joystick. Could anyone give me some insight into these things? Can anyone help me with what CV set we actually had when I was younger? Thank you!


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we got baseball included in canada. I had rocky sitting on my shelf for about 4 months waiting for christmas though so it didn't matter.


Incidentally they are also supported for tank mission.


if i remember well in Europe the controllers was packed in with Rocky.

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...Could anyone give me some insight into these things?...


Why... Couldn't they be the coolest controls *ever* made, could they?

Aren't they the epitome of video games, are they? :)

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The Super Action controllers were pretty amazing when it came to ColecoVision Baseball.


There's a spinner on the controller that's used for running between bases. This type of analog control was a welcome feature and added a unique aspect to the game.


So if you can find a set of these that are working properly, they're really quite good. However, many of these controllers are broken. Typically, it's an issues with the contacts at the base of the stick. This appears to be the Achilles heel of the SA controller design. Sadly, there's very little information out there regarding how to repair them.

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