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Playing Atari 5200 Pacman with a Playstation 1 controller.


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As soon as my youtube vudeo uploads I will share. I am talking about a controller that looks like this. I got it from goodwill for 4 bucks.

I got a masterplay clone from low_budget here from ebay. I also got this.




It converts megadrive (same as genesis) to playstation. In other words use play station controller on mega drive / genesis. The masterplay clone takes atari / genesis and allows you to use on a 5200.


It is so awesome and totally works. I plug the tototek adapter into my masterplay clone and I can play pacman with a playstation controller. It even works if I turn on the analog button and it glows red. I may of damaged one of the thumb sticks trying to take the controller apart and clean it. But it does work. At least the left stick works. With the dpad sometimes pacman does not respond to some directions. But with the thumb stick it totally works. The thumb stick basically takes the place of the 5200 stock analog stick with keypad (the stick part). The select and start buttons do nothing and neither does anything else. Just the dpad and the analog sticks. And in jungle hunt the "X" and the "O" work to jump the vines and work as the fire buttons from the stock 5200 controller. Nice alternative to the crappy stock 5200 controllers. And my masterplay clone has full keypad to start the game and select options. And pause and reset also. So not bad.

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Don't have tempest. But I have missle command and centipede. It probably won't work since it digital. But turning analog on and using the thumbsticks works well for a replacement for the stick part of the stock 5200 controller. So I imagine it would work. Except only the left side works. The right thumb does not work.

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I tested it just now and it works. Well sorta anyway. Missile command cursor is all over the place even with analog. But it is perfect for centipede. And also perfect for pole position. Not so much for breakout. Even with analog. My custom paddle is so much better. Terrible for qbert. Even with analog you can't tell what direction you are going. Best for frogger analog or digital. Digital is the best. Because you only go up, down, left, or right. Not all over like missile command.


And pacman as stated above. So much better than the stock. But the programming is all f***ed up. Like if you are all the way top and go left and then need to go down half way it keeps left no matter what you press and does not go down. Even stocks back in the day were like this. I remember yelling at my mom and telling her it is stupid. He keeps going the wrong direction or not the way I tell him to go.

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I'm always surprised when people complain about 5200 Pac Man being problematic with the stock controllers. It's always played perfectly for me. I don't think I've ever missed a corner or lost a life due to controls. Some games have trouble, sure, but not Pac Man. Oh well, to each their own. Always nice to see extra controller options.

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