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Lendorien's list of loot - CV games, PC, Sega, etc (with photos)


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I have a bunch of stuff I've discovered I have duplicates of. I have no money for collecting at the moment, but I do have all this stuff taking up space. So... Yeah.

All items are loose unless otherwise noted. All are tested to a limited degree and worked as far as I could see unless otherwise noted.

I'm mostly looking to trade. I'm up for any fair offers. I'm looking for complete PS1 games, loose NES carts as well as 5200 games. ( Follow the links to see what I have of those.) I'm willing to take money too of course. 3 dollars shipping per item (aside from the Colecovision), or if you buy multiples, I'll send you a price by weight (you pay what I pay) to ship USPS or UPS on request.

PM me if interested in any of this stuff. Full pricing coming in a day or so.


  • Colecovision (for parts or Repair) - Comes with white controllers and a power cord. Has been modded with a toggle switch for power. It appears to have bad Vram. Someone more technical than I could probably fix it by replacing the vram. - PENDING
  • Carnival - Label ok, but gouged a bit at screw holes.
  • Centipede - Label pretty clean aside from actiplaque. End label is pretty faded
  • Donkey Kong - End label section ripped
  • Donkey Kong - Screw holes are badly gouged in label
  • Lady Bug - Screw holes lightly gouged in label
  • Lady Bug - Label pretty good overall. Some wear.
  • Mouse Trap - Gouges at screw holes
  • Popeye - Label pretty clean aside from actiplaque. Bad gouge at screwhole
  • Smurf - Screw holes are open. Someone looked inside this one. End of label pretty badly scuffed
  • Venture - Screw holes lightly gouged in label


  • SMB/Duck Hunt - Sold


  • Tazmania - has a dull label, probably an later release. Not shiny like most SNES labels. Otherwise very clean. - Now on Ebay
  • NBA Jam - Pretty sure that someone's dog got a hold of this particular cart. It has toothmarks on it and some label damage towards the top. They rescued it from the dog before it was too late because the damage is minor and does not affect the use of the cart. - Now on Ebay


  • Turok - Label has some minor shelf wear. Back label has a tiny blemish. - Now on Ebay

Game Cube

  • Animal Crossing - case with slightly damaged insert and no manual. Disc is a badly scuffed. A polishing could probably get it into working order with little problem. I'd do it, but the place I used to go to stopped doing it. (Why do people store their games open on shelves? *sigh*) - PENDING

Sega Genesis

  • Ecco the Dolphin - Some scuffing and shelf wear on cart and label. Top of label has a small tear. - Now on Ebay
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Not for Resale version. Label has shelf wear and some scuffing along the top edge.
  • Out of This world - Label is pretty messed up. Some idiot put a sticker across it and tried to take it off. Middle of label is mostly gone, but title is still there. Has label residue on it too.


  • Croc: Legend of the Gobos - Complete Greatest Hits. Jewel case is pretty worn and manual is a bit scuffed. Disc has some significant scratching, but it still seemed to work all right in my Ps1


  • Namco Museum - Greatest Hits version - Case has minor shelf wear. Has manual, cover art and disc. Disc has some minor scuffing. Works great. - Sold
  • Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - Gamestop threw out the case. Damn jerks. So disc only. Definitely scuffed, but it seems to work fine.


  • Monster Lair - Sold


  • Aliens Vs Predator 2 - In jewel case with cover art and code. Both discs are inside. Both have some scratches, but I was able to install and play the game extensively with no issue.
  • Starfleet Command: Neutral Zone - Case with art inserts. Disc has minor scratches. Installs and plays fine.
  • Journeyman Project Turbo - Disc Only. Very clean. No blemishes of any kind.
  • Police Quest: Collection Series - The first release. Comes in Jewel case with case inserts on 5 discs. No manual. Discs have minor scuffing, but not enough to affect anything.
  • Police Quest: Open Season - Jewel Case release. Still in original shrink wrap.
  • Windows 8 Pro - Not for Resale version. Complete in original box and unopened in original factory shrinkwrap. (never used)
  • The Sims - Original Retail box only. Just the outer box. I saved it in a box for some reason. In great shape.
  • The Sims: Hot Date - Original Retail box only. Just the outer box. I saved it in a box for some reason. In great shape.



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