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Sega Genesis Hidden Gems - 11 Games!

Metal Jesus

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The Immortal John Hancock (SWLovinist) owns every single Sega Genesis game released in North America complete in box and today he's shows us some of his favorite Hidden Gems for the console.

Games Shown:
Jewel Master
Blades of Vengeance
Final Zone
Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter
Mystical Fighter
Atomic Runner
Phantom 2040
Crue Ball
What Sega Genesis / MegaDrive hidden gems should be in parts 2 & 3?
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Guest LiqMat

I once won a Sub-Terrania competition




That's actually pretty cool. It's not exactly an easy game. I just discovered it a few weeks ago for the first time. Liking it. Like an advanced lunar lander shooter.

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I'd like to nominate World Trophy Soccer (released as European Club Soccer in Europe and J-League Champion Soccer in Japan). It's my favourite football game on the Mega Drive. Been playing ECS since I was 14 and still keep going back - arcade style gameplay and great little tunes that represent the different parts of the world. Closest thing to this on the SNES is Super Soccer:


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Star Control-I rented that once. I remember my mom being interested in playing it, so we played head-to-head. I can't remember the race, but we both picked the one that had fighters. So here we were, giggling like crazy as we both hit the "launch" button and you heard this funky rap assault:


"Launch fi-la-la-laun-launch fighters-figh-launch fighters"

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