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Blue Max source code for you.


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Courtesy of Bob Polin, the source code for Blue Max. (An interview with him is forthcoming on the ANTIC podcast.)


On disk 2, there are two bad sectors (511 and 540) that I have been unable to read even after multiple attempts. (Not sure what those correspond to, but there are two files with 0 sectors listed in the directory.)


Bob would like to see his source code in ASCII format, but the format of these files looks unusual to me. Normally I just export the files to my Mac then do search-replace of the RETURN characters and things look OK — but that doesn't seem to be good enough in this case - there are still weird messy characters. Can someone make a pretty version for me to send to Bob?


Blue Max Source disk 1.atrBlue Max Source disk 2 fxed.atr



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Its so weird to be sat here with the actual source code passed on via Kevin from the actual programmer of a game I played (and still play) on my start in the Atari history.


Sort of like the arc of the covenant from Indiana Jones...


Many thanks Kevin and do please pass on all our thanks to Bob for a game that will remain timeless to us lot...

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It was the first game from the guy and a pretty impressive one at that. I'll forgive him for a lack of comments but let's all learn a lesson from this. Comment your code for the next generation of retro nerds.
It's funny about comments. I'll add them and then I think, "Is that code really need comments" so I might leave it out. Six months goes by and I look at that code and wonder what I was up to. I guess comment everything isn't a bad thing.

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