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has Metagalactic LLamas been made NTSC friendly

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Was about to post 2 images that were clearly labelled as US versions only to find they were PAL and therefore did not work at all well, one crashes after a depack the other an XEX does play but the 'spit' is almost impossible to see and if you get hit it basically gets stuck.


Gah, if people at least bother to label then get it right, my suspect is the TOSEC team, it looks like one of theirs, riddled with mistakes over many of the systems they labelled.

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If you don't have the time or just not keen to try and do it without an NTSC machine to test then I'd suggest posting the project files and let someone else have a crack. I personally have no clue about the timing differences bar the most basic principles and my coding skills are rusty bucket with hole in :)

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