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Games in Mad Pascal

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On 8/15/2017 at 4:05 PM, bocianu said:


They have, but on higher levels of game ;)


You can check their behaviour in LevelEditor - here


There is a field : ghost AI - check different values.

On AI=9 ghosts are deadly ninjas.

new level from Jr pacman 2600. The ghosts can be locked up after spawned




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Inspired by @ilmenit game: Adam Is Me, I was wander if I can do something similar in Pascal - write SDL2 game and run it on 8-bit relatively easily, so I learned the basics of SDL2 and checked what Free Pascal writing style would be portable for 8-bit.


I already have my first experiences and would like to try it out more :)




Below in attachment you found code and binary of the µSoukoban for A8, all 100 levels.


The graphics are a mix of Robbo and Heartlight charset, music was taken from the examples for Mad Pascal.


Game control: space - reset level, left/right arrow - change level, joystick.


µSoukoban.xex pikoban_src.zip

Edited by zbyti
µSoukoban link
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source code fix, I forgot that the X register is "restricted" in Mad Pascal.


this time there was no problem but when using assembler in Mad Pascal you should remember about it.


fix below:


procedure setVbk(mode, msb, lsb: byte); assembler;
  lda mode
  ldx msb
  ldy lsb
  jsr SETVBV

https://github.com/zbyti/simple-games-easy-for-develop/tree/master/Mad Pascal

Edited by zbyti
github link
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Here is another simple game written in Mad-Pascal.

This game was written in 36 hours on Game Jam event called Grawitacja 2022.


image.png.63dfcbdbdb139dec2192e2e403771537.png image.png.95d799f15160d12217827aaf54591521.png image.png.ab35458a64c062669a0ff0a1d18f1a19.png


In a limited time, you must collect as many coins as possible.

The longer you hold down the fire button, the higher the cart will jump.


My highest score is 49, can you beat it? ;) 


Sources are avaliable here: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/cartfall



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All the Game jam games released are linked to at the mo on the front landing page of Atarionline.pl



Here is the link to the Zip they provide with all the developed games from the Jam session: https://atarionline.pl/pliki/grawitacja2022.7z


It was a programming related event so I think you are posting in the correct area. :)



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On 10/11/2022 at 2:31 PM, Gury said:

Very nice funny little game, I enjoyed it. I think I know who is on the title screen. ;)

Great way to learn the inner workings from included source code.


Thanks 👍


I like the subtle but quirky cart animation when switching direction and jumping between levels. These little touches make a difference IMHO. :)

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Cartfall on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



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On 10/28/2022 at 3:05 PM, bocianu said:

@ZeroPage Homebrew congratulations on beating my highscore!


It's been a lot of fun watching you play my game, and have a good time :)

I see a few bugs to be fixed, attract mode to be disabled, 

but I'm glad you had so much fun with it.


Thank you so much @bocianu! It was a lot of fun trying out different strategies. On the surface it seems like a straight forward game but with so many different ways to approach the coin collecting, it creates quite a challenge, especially when you're going for the high score! 🙂


- James

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On 8/22/2022 at 10:55 PM, zbyti said:



over 4.000 levels on single DD disk, I post this to motivate myself finish this crap :D


[edit] you can take back some moves: FIRE + LEFT

fixed, now all "4445 levels in 24 sets" works


13251   abed.bin        194 levels was packed   6113    abed.apl
18566   aruba.bin       294 levels was packed   8597    aruba.apl
3987    atlas.bin        61 levels was packed   2117    atlas.apl
12774   boxxle.bin      188 levels was packed   7358    boxxle.apl
15399   cosmac1.bin     235 levels was packed   7968    cosmac1.apl
12178   cosmac2.bin     172 levels was packed   6538    cosmac2.apl
5887    cosmos.bin      140 levels was packed   3054    cosmos.apl
3447    duthen.bin      139 levels was packed   1937    duthen.apl
9439    dzekic.bin      128 levels was packed   4404    dzekic.apl
9256    garcia.bin      166 levels was packed   5564    garcia.apl
10661   grigr.bin       195 levels was packed   6012    grigr.apl
6882    haywood.bin     179 levels was packed   3826    haywood.apl
5579    holland.bin      85 levels was packed   3336    holland.apl
9244    marques.bin     225 levels was packed   5036    marques.apl
18039   micro.bin       396 levels was packed   10103   micro.apl
11077   reinke1.bin     208 levels was packed   6298    reinke1.apl
9873    reinke2.bin     198 levels was packed   5514    reinke2.apl
16975   sasq.bin        236 levels was packed   9064    sasq.apl
9769    serena1.bin     141 levels was packed   5435    serena1.apl
11627   serena2.bin     175 levels was packed   6384    serena2.apl
7093    sharpen.bin      81 levels was packed   3058    sharpen.apl
9978    various1.bin    213 levels was packed   5559    various1.apl
15469   various2.bin    219 levels was packed   8258    various2.apl
11442   various3.bin    177 levels was packed   6033    various3.apl


4445 levels in 24 sets



you can take back some moves: FIRE + LEFT


press HELP for more, some things are implemented some not.


ProHiBan [wip](fixed).atr

Edited by zbyti
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