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Calling all Commodore Dial up modem users! BBS

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After a lengthy hiatus, I recently started calling dial-up BBSs, and I wanted to give a shout-out to the only dial-up (telnet also) Commodore-based BBS that I'm aware of -- Borderline!

951-652-1690 Borderline BBS, Hemet CA

It would be great to see others dust off their old 1200 baud modems (or 300 baud in my case) and revisit the pre-Internet world!

I know that there is a rich Commodore telnet community you can find here as well:

Commodore BBS Outpost


But if you want to check out other dial-up BBSs when using original hardware, you can consult the BBS Corner US and Canada Dial-Up BBS Guide



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Something that might even be interesting to you Commodore users, things are really starting to 'heat up and get interesting when it comes to BBSing via the Internet on TI-99/4A Using an inexpensive UDS-10 with the original basic old RS-232 card we can now use our classic computers to call the BBS's a 38,400 with the newly modified TIMXT.



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I love dialing in to BBSs. I bought a 1200 just for that, but unfortunately the $50 / mo. landline is not in the budget this year. :( I'm hoping soon I can get back to dialing up.


I think a VoIP service can handle 1200bps well these days. Most are now good enough for low-speed fax (9.6- to 14.4kbps.) Might help with the budget.

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