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American Turbo Tap on PC Engine Duo with converter cable

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Hi There,


I have a TG16 and 3-4 TG16 controllers with a Turbo Tap… more recently I have come into possession of a PC Engine Duo. Is there any reason I should not purchase a single TG16 to Duo converter cable from Ebay and continue to use the Turbo Tap and controllers as I have now? Or do I need to invest in a PC Engine Tap and buy an individual cable for each controller I want to hook up? It would seem to me that the obvious answer is that I’m fine with just the one cable, but I want to check to make sure there isn’t something I’m missing…



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There can be issues with using a Turbo cable on a TurboTap, but I never had any issues bitd, when I used the official Turbo-to-Duo cable on my TurboDuo with TurboTap and TurboPads.


If you do buy a PC Engine Tap, you might as well just buy extra PCE pads, including a couple 6-button controllers.


Do you have enough friends interested in playing 4+ player games at once?

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The situation where I might actually have 4 people playing at once isn't going to be super common, but it does happen enough (quite a few Bomberman fans among my co-workers) that I want to be prepared for it.


The Duo came with one of the white NEC 6-button controllers... I'm not too happy with the controller D-pad... I'm not sure if that is the case with my controller or the design of the controller itself, so I opened the controller and swapped the cable with one of my TG16 controllers and am using that (the TG16 controller) on the Duo for now. When I have some more money, I'll venture out and pick up some of the other PCE pads.


So what kind of issues could there be using a converter cable with the Turbo Tap? Anything that would harm the Duo? Is there any reason you know of to not trust the unofficial cables available on Ebay right now, such as this:


Thanks for the help

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I've been wondering about this myself. It would be a lot cheaper to get this adapter than having to import a PCE tap and at least one more PCE controller. Does anyone know for an absolute fact that this adapter will or won't work attaching a TG16 tap to a PCE Duo?

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Both controller ports are the same thing, just different size because NEC wanted to discourage importing early on. USA Duo port is 100% same as PC Engine controller port.


Beware of long cable, many people have reported problem using extension or long adapter cable with any tap. So if you go with external adapter to avoid modding or replacing stock cable, make sure it's short.

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