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Starting a Topic for this Software House because i am working on converting some original cassette tapes.

I Found Soccer Supremo, Gran Pree, T.I. Cricket, Pirate Island

Here starting with:


This must be one of the best programs for all Texas owners in need of a good piece of software.

The program is similar to the popular "FOOTBALL MANAGER" for the ZX Spectrum, in which you have to take your team from the 4th division to become league champions of the 1st division.
You are given a choice of 8 teams from the 4th division and start with £100,000 at your disposal.
You can obtain a loan, sell a player, select a team, look at your current status and play a game at any time (but not at the same time!).
The differences between FOOTBALL MANAGER and SOCCER SUPREMO are
(1) there are only 8 teams to a division, hence only 14 matches per season,
(2) only the top team gets promoted (if you are not at the top, though, the division stays the same), and
(3) there is no graphical display of the match (but don't let that put you off).
My only criticism is the lack of a save game facility, but this can't be helped as the program takes up the full 14-15K of the unexpanded TI 99/4A!
The instructions come on side 2 and are very detailed. They also take up approx. 13.5K!
Scroll the linked page down for the program downloads.
Tried it on Classic99 with CALL FILES (0) and NEW option before to load.
instead not be able to load it on JS99er.
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Sorry to revive this old thread but I realized then I didn't update it anymore and the link in the first post seems to have been lost when there was the update of this forum maybe.  I'm sure before clicking on the second image would connect. I find it useless to open another one so I update this one :)
I'm sure when I had posted it, clicking on the second image took you to the game link. 
Anyway, since I find it pointless to open a new thread, I'm updating this one ;)



This was the link for the original firs post in this thread.




instead at today and after a lot of work with trials and tests using various different recorders, settings, azimuth etc...  because the cassette tape was not good working
I finally be able to release the TI Cricket manager game :) 




so, in addition to the game download, you can also find the scans and reworks of the cassette cover/labels


For lovers of managerial simulators who know this game should be a nice save.

another title saved from oblivion ?



Now I still have problems with the other two titles remaining damn, Pirate Island and Grand Pree.
the quality of these tapes is really low.



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