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Original Xbox Repair - help please


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I have an original Xbox that just randomly stopped turning on. This is my third original Xbox and I'm tired of losing all my old saves (the hdd in my 2001 Xbox died in probably 2008 or so).
ANYWAY - it just doesn't turn on - the power button does nothing.
So, I figured I'd just buy a working Xbox and swap parts around to get it to work. I found a cheap replacement Xbox that was working perfectly. I swapped in the new power supply, on/off button, etc - nothing. I had both motherboards next to each other - when things were plugged into the newer mobo - everything worked fine, swap the cords to the broken xbox and nothing works.
So, working power supply, working on/off button, broken motherboard. I visually checked all the capacitors and none seem to be bad, so I don't know what to check. Any help would be appreciated.

Alternatively - can I somehow get the saves off my old hard drive and transfer them to the new one? I never got around to modding this past broken xbox, so I never dumped the EPROM from the hdd or anything.
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It could be trace corrosion on the lines that power the switch. It is actually fairly common for the older model Xbox. Here's some info on how to repair it: http://theisozone.com/tutorials/xbox/hardware-and-modding/trace-corrosion-repair/


You could test it very easily by testing for continuity between the points marked on that site. Basically if your traces are corroded, you have to run wires to connect the points that were previously connected by the traces. They are small solder points, but it is a pretty simple job.

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