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A collection of old Thunder Force III previews, reviews, etc.

Parallax Scroll

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I enjoy reading old magazine previews and reviews of certain games, especially the ones for Genesis shmups. Thunder Force III released in the second half of 1990 during the heyday of the so-called '16-bit shoot 'em up glut' of the early 90s.


I've put together a decent collection of Thunder Force III material from various magazines of the time for fans of the series and the Sega Genesis to enjoy.


The last image is the ending, so don't look if you haven't beaten the game. Not like it's an RPG or game with a major story to spoil!


Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 9 - April 1990




Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 10 - May 1990



Mega Play issue 1 - November/December 1990



Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 14 - September 1990





Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 16 - November 1990



Mega Play issue 2 - January/February 1991



Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide issue 1 - Fall 1990



Sega Visions issue 3 - Winter 1990



Video Games & Computer Entertainment - October 1990



Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 19 - February 1991




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