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It's early days, but I've just come across a link to a site which shows you how to use Google Drive to webhost for free.


The link is here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/host-website-on-google-drive/28178/


I've tested it with their sample website file and it appears to work.


I'm sure that there are some downsides to this, but I don't know what they are; with exception to there being a not very nicely named URL.


Apparently it can also be used for podcasts, though I've not tested that. I thought that this might be useful for any of you who want to host websites / podcasts and are on a budget.


I've not tested uploading an individual html/mp3 etc file yet though I am sure that there is a way to do this.



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Plus, Google is deprecating that feature in August. :-)


GitHub offers free hosting, or you can use Amazon and just pay for what you use.



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I'd heard that they'd stopped the hosting already, but that this man has found a way around it by using the script. It's not that useful anyway.


I thought that GitHub had a load of restrictions on it? Or is my thought outdated?

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I have used tripod.com as a free website as such - and while they have not disappeared as the years have gone by - they have used more and more adverts on the page - which was to be expected (as video ads now appear). But it would have been nice if what you put up, stayed as is - as I find some pages or items don't work as they should, etc.

For the most part it stays up - though - and for something free, I suppose you can't complain too much about it?



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i can't recommend them personally since i haven't used the service, but a friend pointed me at 000Webhost a while back; there's enough there to run a Wordpress blog or similar CMS-based solution and FTP access to upload files.


My advice with anything offering a free domain is to not use it (there'll always be a payment to move it away if that time ever comes, got stung like that just the once) but a .co.uk isn't prohibitively expensive with a good host.


(As an extra note, 000Webhost had a massive security breach end of last year; it's almost certainly safe now but set up a dedicated email address for signing up and don't reuse your passwords from other sites!)

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"Free" web hosting doesn't exist. If it isn't you who pays the bill, someone else does (ads).


With those low prices of budget hosts I wouldn't even consider a "free" host which isn't free. If you really want/need a real cheap way of hosting content, get yourself a wordpress.com account. No money involved but also doesn't support non-regular file hosting (only .jpg media and the like). Just use a dropbox-like service to store your files.

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You'll get a lot of bad experiences from free website hostings, my own include:

  1. Not accessible from certains parts of the world.
  2. Being used for spam so IP blocked by some companies.
  3. Invasive advertisements.
  4. Cease to work for days or almost daily.
  5. Site working but FTP or upload not.

It's a lot better for your mood to pay a site, domains are very economical if not using .com and hosting can be $80-$100 USD yearly.

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