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Found old DIT article: (standard cassette player


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Stumbled into this DIY project, and haven't seen it anywhere else.

It's a DIY SIO device which attaches to a standard cassette player (presumably more modern devices like a cheap MP3 player)


"An atari tape interface"

"A simple FSK interface permits loading and storing programs on a conventional cassette recorder "


http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Poptronics/80s/1984/CE-1984-01.pdf (Page 77)



A kit and etched PCB was available from "RC Systems Inc., 121 W. Winesap Rd., Bothell. WA 98012".

Sadly I couldn't find a scan of the PCB, but it looks like this company made a bunch of useful electronics for 82-era Atari and Apple and they still exist (http://www.rcsys.com/order.htm) but of course, no more Atari stuff. They still have some interesting things tho, like a RS-232 voice synthesizer device.


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Thanks for posting that magazine. It has great ads. Love all the computer-electronics training courses ads. NRI, CIE, NTS, etc. Long gone, but never forgotten.

'welcome. I used to skim through these magazines as a very young child, from '77 onwards (my parents had a magazine rack in our store, so I'd read through Byte, Popular Electronics, Compute, etc). Good to revisit.


I wish there was a comprehensive wiki of DIY Atari projects like the Arduino community has (different times, no comparison I know).

Some of these PDFs, like the one I found, are not well-indexed by Google so I kind of stumbled into it.

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