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30 FPS at 60 HZ vs 30 FPS at 30 HZ


30 FPS at 30 HZ vs 30 FPS at 60 HZ on the Atari  

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  1. 1. Junior - 30 FPS at 30 HZ or 30 FPS at 60 HZ, which is better?

    • 30 FPS at 30 HZ
    • 30 FPS at 60 HZ
    • Shatner
  2. 2. Vader - 30 FPS at 30 HZ or 30 FPS at 60 HZ, which is better?

    • 30 FPS at 30 HZ
    • Shatner
    • 30 FPS at 60 HZ

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30 FPS at 60 HZ vs 30 FPS at 30 HZ on Junior and Vader



I wasn't sure if an ordinary CRT Television could handle the rich 60 HZ video from the Atari at 30 FPS; after all, ordinary broadcast Television is 30 HZ and 30 FPS under the spec and the phosphor is designed accordingly to persist from one 30 hz period to the next (phosphor persistence is by design, different compounds provide variability in the spec from what I remember).


I figured 60 HZ video at 30 FPS is going to get a bit blurry and overload the phosphor, particularly when the games display is designed to maximize phosphor persistence on the screen.


Here are the video results of the experiment - watch and explain your choices.


I've included both Junior and Vader output over RF; there's artifacting present which adds to the equation, thoughts about that are welcome too :)


60 HZ Junior.mp4

30 HZ Junior.mp4

60 HZ Vader.mp4

30 HZ Vader.mp4


More on 30 HZ

The 30 HZ signal itself is quite interesting, scientists have been experimenting with embedding subliminal messaging, signals and product placement via full and partial frame manipulation and placement since the 50's. New research proving the techniques are ineffective aren't conducted using legacy equipment. ie, you can experience some interesting effects in StarBlitz from the pure 30 HZ signal. Playing both versions in a darkened room on CRT (NTSC only) should make the difference apparent for anyone who wants to explore this fascinating effect!



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Here are some links related to the 30 HZ effect, and on 30 FPS and 24 FPS creating a "flicker fusion" effect where

the animation becomes smoother in a mesmerizing and hypnotic way because your mind fills in the details and smooths the images giving movies and NTSC Television a dream like quality. That quality can be lost at a higher FPS like 48 FPS or 60 FPS that don't exert the subliminal effect:







This is most interesting; the red shift and Pokemon should not be combined - Pokeman programming is loaded with subliminal effects designed to give Japanese children seizures using a an electronic super-soldier called the Porygon:

“Television programmes are thought to be the most common cause for triggering photosensitive epileptic seizures. The most famous incident of photosensitive epilepsy caused by a television programme is the Pokémon episode, Electronic Soldier Porygon , which was aired in Japan in 1997. Nearly 700 children were admitted to hospital through photosensitive epilepsy that was thought to have been induced by the episode.”



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