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atari2600land's Blog - #94 Lucky Dime Caper


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So I go to the store. I find a Game Gear. I inquire about it, since I wanted a back-up Game Gear in case mine dies. I buy it. I get it home. Um, no, it doesn't work. I get a faded dim screen with hardly any volume and it turns off automatically. I guess I have been spoiled by the one I have. But I did get a new Game Gear out of the deal. I would have gotten Tails Adventure, I was hoping the guy would sell it for cheap, but as it turned out, the computer listing said it was $20. So I passed, since I already had one. So anyway, after the broken Game Gear ordeal, I put in the Lucky Dime Caper with Donald Duck game I got. Hard as Hell. I don't know how any kid could beat the first level, let alone the whole game. I got to the first level boss, a giant lion. No clues about how to beat it, I jumped on it. That hurt Donald. WTF? If I don't jump on it, how in Hell do I beat it?! So I turned it off in disgust. I find it oddly amusing when in video games, an enemy keeps attacking me even when I die and go off screen. I especially hate it when a game gives you no indication on how to beat an enemy, so you lose all your lives trying to figure it out and then once you get Game Over, you still haven't figured it out. WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Am I supposed to derive fun out of not passing a certain level? That's why I like Mario games so much: The enemies are straightforward: You jump on them. You jump on the bosses, too. Now I'm 6 shy of 100 Game Gear games for my collection. I'm supposed to get Chuck Rock soon, so hopefully it will work and I'll only be 5 shy of 100.

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