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Hi will this work.. I have Appletalk in my BeOS Network services and tick for on, and will it be able to Network

with my Mactintosh Plus system 7.1. AppleTalk by nullmodem cable and serial cable on the mac plus will

the macintosh see the home folder on my beos computer or just fail. In beos network services

it has ftp server works great with windows 95 it has telnet server its great to telnet in by lantronix device

and appletalk and ip forwarding.



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I'd just punt and give it a try. If BeOS has AppleTalk it'll probably work since it's from around the same era... but don't get too upset if it doesn't. You might want to try looking for groups dedicated to BeOS with a Google search if you really want to get answers on this.

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This is really fuzzy, but..

Appletalk was it's own protocol, so not TCPIP... FTP and telnet aren't Appletalk..


The old Macs usually did Appletalk over a localtalk network, which are those terminated phone line type adapters you saw on the old Macs (phonenet)...


There were a couple of localtalk to ethernet bridge options.


Not sure what your BeOS machine has, but probably ethernet (and standard serial, by your query).

I don't think Appletalk on the Mac supports standard serial (Localtalk is kind of serial, but not really... ;-) ).


I am pretty sure what you want won't work.

Now, if you get your old Mac on Ethernet, I believe you can run Appletalk over ethernet to talk to your BeOS machine's Appletalk server (maybe).

If you can only do localtalk, then a localtalk/ethernet bridge might work.

Or you might be able to get your BeOS machine on localtalk with a card, but I think that's less likely...


Good luck..



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