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A long time ago, I vowed to collect for the Game Boy Color. I got Mr. Driller at the flea market a few years ago. I played it. This is my review.
Mr. Driller, as the game's title suggests, is hard. It took me 5 billion tries to complete the beginning level. What's worse is that the game doesn't save high scores, yet you enter your name after each death (or success), only to not save the information? It's as useless as saving scores on NES (or the Atari 2600). You'd think a big company like Namco could afford a battery save. If you've never played Mr. Driller, you drill. Into blocks, like Dig Dug, only these are solid blocks, like Tetris, and you must drill through them. The colored ones are okay to drill into, but if four or more are the same color, they fall down, so drilling downward could potentially squish Mr. Driller if you don't drill right. And the brown X boxes. Drilling into them takes more than one drill and drains your health meter more. That's right, there's a health meter. You need to collect capsules of air to keep Mr. Driller from dying as well. Not to mention the blocks that could squish you. If you run out of air, you lose a life even if a block doesn't squish you. This is what makes it really difficult. If I was a game tester, I would have suggested to get rid of the air aspect. Because beginning mode, like I said, is really really really hard. I could put an infinite minus one more reallys ahead of that. Minus one because I actually beat the stupid thing. I'd hate to see the Advanced level. And the deeper you get, the harder it is to get the air capsules. The deepest ones right before the goal are completely encased by brown X boxes, so you have to drill below the X boxes to bring one down to get to the air capsule. Never mind that there's blocks above you that could squish you.

So what is my thoughts on the Game Boy Color? It's a great system with lots of good, unique titles. Unfortunately, though, most are ports that are on other systems as well. And the ones that aren't are really expensive. And I am not going to spend $350 for the copy of Shantae that is on eBay right now. Expect more GBC reviews by me in the future, but expect most of them to be ports. I'll try to get unique GBC exclusive games to review, though.

I still have the box my original GBC came in. I still use my original one, but the start button needs to be pushed really hard in order to be pressed. Otherwise, the thing works great.

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