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Fest West Prize ("Modern" TI Advertising wall art)



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  1. 1. Which piece of advertising do you prefer?

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NOTICE: This is a PRIVATE poll, no one will ever know who voted or for which entry.


Here is the thing, a couple of guys in another section of Atari Age have put their skills to the test to design a prize for YOU, one lucky Fest West attendee to win! :-D The winning entry will be printed out and framed, so you/they can put it up in your/their TI-99/4A computer room.


For non-attendees, this is YOUR chance to participate (in a small way) in Fest West 2016.


* The sponsor of Fest West, the artists involved, or voting participants cannot be held liable for any domestic actions taken against the winner for actually posting the winning entry up on his wall.






Entry #2



Entry #3



Entry #4



Now that you've seen them, go up to the top and vote for your favorite!

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I think I got my pitch in too late (finished the 26th but couldn't find this thread). Anyway, here's my what-if for improved TI sales. He was obviously by himself in the original ad and Cosby was in the little pic below (so he was removed, too, hahaaha). The way the main guy is holding his hands and the "Lets you use your head. Not just your hands." blurb implied only one thing, really - internet porn. I couldn't really use actual porn stars (too graphic, of course) but there are a lot of topless/nude models out there. Unfortunately not many of them get photographed from above like this ad was done and most of those pics are too explicit. I think TI's sales would have improved with such an ad... or they would have been sued into oblivion.


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WOW! I can see a lot of technical skill went into that. I'm impressed at the level of workmanship, I think it's a tad too to racy for a Fest West prize though. ;)


Thanks. I dabble in 2D so there are aspects of that comp that could be better (shadows, mostly, but also getting the color space right for all the various roto-ed in girls), I'm more of 3D artist type (Houdini, mostly). Gimp is no Photoshop but it was good enough for this. I did make sure to only pick pictures of girls that didn't show anything naughty (implied, but not shown) or that were strategically blocked (like the 2 topless girls at the bottom of the main pic).


I think you don't give the Fest West attendees enough credit, haahahaa.

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It makes me wonder if there is any Penrose (Penthouse?) Triangle made out of naked women. It might be particularly useful in an Amiga advertisment: "Only Amiga makes it possible". An image search on Penrose + naked gave me plenty of hits, but not exactly what I was looking for.

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What I observed when composing the images, were that very few TI-99 related advertisements on the web are scanned in any particularly high resolution. Or perhaps it is Google Images that hasn't indexed them or otherwise prevents me from finding them. That being said, the girl - Siria Bojorquez of Texan origin if I understand correctly - was originally photographed at a higher resolution and scaled down to fit the TI picture.

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