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Rare adam games


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Pretty much any of Coleco released game titles specifically for the ADAM Computer (not cartridge releases that could be played on the CV or ADAM) are pretty rare to find CIB and if the titles that you listed above are the ADAM digital data pack versions and not the cartridge versions, then you have the rarest already. There are a number of other titles like 2010: The Text Adventure and Family Feud.


As far as 3rd Party software made after Coleco orphaned the system and released in CIB format, there were only a handful of companies that released their warez CIB and they include Victory Software, A-ware Software, Parallel Systems and Strategic Software. All these companies were early supporters of the ADAM and aside from Strageic Software, ended their support fairly quickly when sales where not good enough. They were also the only ones that packaged their warez in boxes of sliver packs as future developers just sold their items loose, a manual with either a data pack or disk, to keep the costs down as much as possible.

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I just wish some of these games were "better" you know? It's a real shame that the ADAM was such short lived and the volume of "professional" games/software was so few and far between. :(


I agree. I always consider whether or not a platform ever saw its potential realized. The Adam clearly didn't. With that said, it's substantially similar to the MSX standard, and I'm comfortable in the idea that that platform did see its potential realized. So, while it's not quite the same as if the Adam had lived on in the mainstream, at least we have a good idea of how the platform would have evolved. It's also arguable that the Sega Master System and later Sega Genesis showed us how the ColecoVision might have evolved had it too lived on.

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