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Midi-Mite interface for Coleco Adam


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I've uploaded a video of the Midi-Mite interface that I got recently. I've got a Casio MT-240 keyboard hooked up to it and have a song playing. There's also software for recording and editing music. It really sounds awesome!

I got a lot of software with it and most of it isn't available on the internet so I made them into disk images in the zip file below.

It includes: Christmas II, Classics IV, Collins Classic Sampler, Jazz I, NIAD MIDI Songs Vol. 1 thru 9, and Pop/Rock II.


MIDI Disk Images.zip







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How many out there have a Midi-Mite besides Ed and I? I've got a ton of midi songs I've been meaning to put on ADAM disks, but it was an overwhelming project and I gave up and haven't touched them for years. A lot of the songs are too complicated, too big, or use too many instruments for ADAM and the Midi-Mite and its software. I've found there is about a 22 or 23k limit to the largest song size. Fortunately there are still many, many midi songs smaller than that. I've got at least 1,400 that will run on ADAM with the Midi-Mite, but most still need some kind of tweaking to sound decent.

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You can occasionally find one on eBay, but they are relatively rare. It hooks into ADAM's side expansion port and gives you midi in/out lines to hook up keyboards or other midi instruments. The software for it is Sequal v1.0 & v2.0 which allows you to compose and play songs through the device on your ADAM. You can see a screenshot on my web page although the second one isn't very good. I will see if I can update it to something better today or tomorrow. http://www.colecoadam.net/00_csl-rs.html. There is also V.T. Player which allows you to play Video Tunes songs through the midi device. There may be another piece of software for it, but the name escapes me right now.

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