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Sears Light-Sixer Corrosion


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Got a Sears light sixer the other day, my first 2600 console. Switches and everything work fine but the video signal has an issue with making a faint "ghost" image offset from the picture. It is manageable but in colorful games the colors are bleeding together and it looks pretty ugly. I took it apart today to fiddle with rf cable and after cleaning and trying a new cable it was still having the issue so I tried getting into the shielded area and found a pile of corroded material, like the stuff you get when leaving old batteries in something, accumulated on the bottom of the case and it is also coming out around the screws. Of course all but one screw would come off and lacking the proper tools and knowhow I decided to stop before stripping the screw completely or breaking something.

Any advice on how to proceed with this, or any recommendations on anyone who refurbishes/mods these things?

Thanks for any help.

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