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A Few Everdrive MD Questions

Skippy B. Coyote

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Hey there everyone :)

After a long while pondering the subject I've decided that I'd like to purchase flash carts for all the cartridge based systems I play regularly, and most of the flash carts I'm interested in have been easy enough to find information on through forum searches and Google, but I still have a few questions about the Everdrive MD that I'm hoping to find answers to before I buy one.


So, of anyone could help me out with any of these questions I'd sincerely appreciate it!


1. What Genesis and Master System games will not run properly or have reduced function (not being able to save normally, graphic or audio glitches, etc.) on the Everdrive MD? I've been able to find thorough game compatibility lists for every other flash cart I've looked at, but I can't seem to find one for the Everdrive MD.


2. Can I play non-NTSC Genesis and Master System ROMs on the Everdrive MD when using a NTSC Sega Genesis? For instance, I'm very interested in playing Duke Nukem 3D and that game was only released in Brazil. I know many flash carts for other systems can bypass the usual region restrictions, but can the Everdrive MD do that?


3. I know the Everdrive MD uses a small battery in the cartridge to create save files on the SD card, in the same way that many Genesis games (I.E. Sonic 3) used batteries in the cartridges to store save files. If I need to change the battery in the cartridge 5 or 10 years down the line, will my save files be lost when the battery gets swapped?


4. Does the Everdrive MD care whether my Genesis ROMs are in .gen or .md format, or will it play either?



Thanks for taking the time to read my questions and if you happen to know the answer to any of them then I would greatly appreciate your insight! :)

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I use a Mega Everdrive, because when I bought it, it was a much larger jump in features over the Everdrive MD. But the latest Everdrive MD does almost everything you'd want.


Not long ago, I got an Everdrive MD for my Brother, set it up and played a lot of Genesus and SMS games on it.



1: I haven't run into or heard of any Genesis or SMS games that had any problems beyond incompatibilities some carts do with various hardware combos.


2: I haven't found any import SMS roms that don't work. PAL-optimized Genesis games tend to just run at a different speed on NTSC hardware. I've played Duke Nukem 3D on both carts. Many PAL games likely have NTSC patches, but I haven't specifically sought any out.


3: It's supposed to automatically save files to the sd card, so you won't lose anything.


4: All formats work. In the past, .bin files auto booted as Genesis games.

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