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Sega Controllers to A8s?


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So, I know that Sega controllers will work with Atari 2600. This isn't exactly news.

I think I still have some arcade style joysticks for the Genesis (though I don't think I have any Genny consoles left).

Is there a reason why these would not work on the 8 bit computers as well? Half tempted to pop the stick apart, and custom paint it. Lol.


Anyone do this? I've seen NES game pads converted over for 7800, and given the custom once over, and it looked really good. Would going grey, and pastel be a bit much? Lol.

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I think it must be the original model of sega controller. I've got several newer ones with more buttons and they don't work more than a few minutes. I'm guessing they require some sort of polling read/write protocol, not just a simple read from the port.

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