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While surfing eBay, I found this:
eBay Auction -- Item Number: 1721385629391?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&camp
And that's not the only one. The same guy keeps putting weirdass fake Dreamcast games on eBay. Who would buy this? Anyone? Is it even a real game or just some dumb disc that doesn't work on a Dreamcast? I'm puzzled. Anyway, I did manage to find and buy a semi-affordable copy of South Park Rally for the Dreamcast. Since the Mr. Driller review, I tried it on Dreamcast. Believe it or not, the Dreamcast version is even harder than the GBC version! What makes it even more harder than that, nowhere does it display the number of lives remaining! But anyway, I'm wondering about all the fake Dreamcast games this guy has flooded the "recent listings" part of Dreamcast games on eBay.

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