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Another new Amiga game. Tanks Furry


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Yes, that is with two r's. ;-)




Always like to see new games, especially when they release with physical media and a box.

The ordering is a bit quirky. You sign up for an account on their page to order. Choose your products (the main game which comes with box and a CD) or you can add a floppy disk.

Then they send you an e-mail with your order number. If you are using paypal, you can then send them a paypal and make sure you mention the order number.

So, it's not totally integrated. But it works..


Several people at EAB have already received their copies, so it appears to be valid.


I ordered, but also asked them if they were sure shipping included to the USA. It was just under $15 shipped. That seems a bit low to me. It's a DVD case, so not a big box, but still..


Nice to see the activity.. ;-)



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Regarding Furry, it is an intended language joke comparable to Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" [2009], which in its turn got its name from the macaroni combat film "The Inglorious Bastards" [1978].


For a moment, I thought perhaps it is an acronym F.U.R.R.Y. similar to M.U.L.E. or H.E.R.O. but apparently not.

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Got my copy today!

(Actually, it showed up yesterday, but we weren't home. That's not bad turn around from Poland to the US..)


Nice packaging!

Haven't tried it yet, so off to the Amiga... ;-)


OK, initial report..

I didn't get the floppy (there is an ADF on the CD, but I didn't use that).

I mounted the CD and copied the game and icon (which is a boring icon.. Not sure if I'm missing something there..) to a folder and launched it. Music played, but black screen..


So I decided to try PAL. My Amiga 1200 had to be booted in PAL. (Early Boot menu - I run my WB in PAL resolution normally, and that didn't make a difference)

Once I booted the 1200 into PAL, the game launched fine..

Only played really quickly, not really knowing what I'm doing, but it worked.. ;-)



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