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FS: Group 2 of Pixelboy's homebrew collection (CV+Atari!)


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I've decided to sell off my collection of ColecoVision homebrew games. This is the second of two sales threads, which contains the rest of my ColecoVision homebrews, together with a lot of Atari 2600 titles (both legacy and homebrews) and one Atari 7800 game. The few unsold ColecoVision homebrews from the first sales thread have been moved to this thread, so the first sales thread should be considered obsolete.


Now before some people see this as a sign of the coming Apocalypse and start jumping off 30-story buildings, I want to say that this large sale has nothing to do with Team Pixelboy, and I'm NOT quitting the ColecoVision homebrew scene prematurely. I'm selling off these homebrews simply because I'm not playing with them (not even a little) and I feel they've been sitting in large cardboard boxes in a corner of my computer room for long enough. I originally bought these games to support the homebrew community, so I bought them more as a collector than a player. Today, I just want to give these games a good home. That's why the prices listed below are not overly bloated. This paragraph contains all I'm going to say on the subject, so please don't send me PMs or e-mails asking me further details about why I'm doing this, I don't have time to answer such questions, and so they will simply be ignored.


Considering that some people may purchase several of these games from me in a single transaction, I'll be buying shipping boxes only after sales have been finalized and paid for. This means it may take several days before packages are prepared and shipped. In parallel, I will also be managing sales of the new Team Pixelboy games which are shipping this month and that may slow down processing sales of my homebrew collection even more. If you're among those who will be purchasing some of the new Team Pixelboy games, it may be possible to ship homebrews together with your Team Pixelboy games, but that will depend on the total number of games to ship and may require further discussion. I hope I can count on your patience while I process PMs and e-mails as quickly as I can over the next few weeks.


All the ColecoVision games listed below have been tested on my ColecoVision console and they all work perfectly. Same goes for the Atari 2600 games which I tested with my Expansion Module #1. I cannot test the Atari 7800 baseball game. Feel free to ask about the condition of the box for any game you're interested in (when applicable) but I can generally say that the vast majority of them are in very-good-to-excellent condition. Same goes for manuals and cartridge labels.


Send me a PM if you want to purchase any of these homebrews. The prices listed below are non-negociable and I work on a first-come-first-served basis. If someone places dibs on a homebrew game two minutes before you do, well, it just sucks to be you.


Please be aware that this sales thread has a limited life span. After April 25th 2016, any unsold game among those listed below will be going to eBay and this forum thread will become defunct and obsolete. In order not to make the first post of this thread too big, I'm going to post pictures of the games in separate posts further down this thread. I have a picture for every game offered, so please give me some time to post them all before asking for a picture of a certain game.


Here are the games offered:


ColecoVision homebrews:

- Astrododge 40$ - SOLD

- Cocoleco (multicart) 50$ - SOLD

- Cosmo Fighter 2 (with VHS box) 7$ - SOLD

- Cosmo Fighter 2 (cart only) 5$ - SOLD

- Cosmo Fighter 3 (with VHS box) 7$ - SOLD

- Cosmo Fighter 3 (cart only) 5$ - SOLD

- DacMan 5$ (the box is a reproduction, not sure if the cartridge is a repro too) - SOLD

- Deflektor Kollection (with VHS box) 7$ - SOLD

- Fireman 50$ - SOLD

- Flora and the Ghost Mirror 50$ - SOLD

- Game Pack #1 (cart only) 15$ - SOLD

- Game Pack #1 (with box) 40$ - SOLD

- Game Pack #2 (with box) 40$ - SOLD

- Gamester 81 - The Video Game 50$ - SOLD

- Insane Pickin' Stick VIII (with box) 40$ - SOLD

- Jet Pack! (cart only) 25$ - SOLD

- Maze Maniac (cart only) 25$ - SOLD

- Ms. Space Fury (with box) 40$ - PENDING

- Purple Dinosaur Massacre 7$ - SOLD

- Slither SCE (cart only) 15$ - SOLD

- Squares! (cart only) 10$ - SOLD

- Steamroller (with VHS box) 40$ - SOLD

- Strike It (with box) 30$ - SOLD

- Strip Poker (with box) 50$ - SOLD

- Tic Tac Toe (cart only) 60$ (one of the earliest CV homebrews ever put on a cartridge!) - SOLD

- The Void - Centauri Conflict 20$ - SOLD

- Tournament Tennis (cart only, Jerry G gold label) 10$ - SOLD

- Turbo SCE (cart only) 15$ - SOLD

- Victory SCE (cart only) 15$ - SOLD

- WAR 50$ - SOLD


CollectorVision (moved from "Group 1" sales thread):

- Pippols 50$ - SOLD

- Flapee Byrd 50$

- Zombie Near 50$ - SOLD


Atari 2600 games:

- Asteroids (sealed) 20$

- Combat (not sealed) 15$

- E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (sealed) 30$ - SOLD

- Gravitar (sealed) 30$

- Joust (sealed) 25$

- Jr. Pac-Man (sealed) 30$

- Night Driver (not sealed) 15$

- Raiders of the Lost Ark (sealed) 40$

- Riddle of the Sphinx (not sealed) 35$

- Solaris (sealed) 35$

- Star Raiders (not sealed, keypad included) 30$

- Tax Avoiders (not sealed) 25$ - SOLD

- Yar's Revenge (not sealed) 15$


Atari 2600 homebrews (cart and manual only unless noted as "CIB"):

- AStar 10$ - SOLD

- Colony 7 15$ - SOLD

- Conquest of Mars 15$ - SOLD

- Dungeon (CIB) 15$ - SOLD

- Epic Adventure 20$ - SOLD

- Juno First (CIB) 15$ - SOLD

- K.O. Cruiser 15$ - SOLD

- Lady Bug 15$ - SOLD

- Medieval Mayhem 15$ - SOLD

- N.E.R.D.S. (CIB) 15$ - SOLD

- Pac-Man 4K 15$ - SOLD

- Princess Rescue (CIB) 70$ - SOLD

- Skeleton+ 10$ - SOLD

- Space Rocks (CIB) 20$ - SOLD

- The Last Ninja (CIB sealed) 20$ - SOLD

- Thrust+ (CIB) 20$ - SOLD

- Toyshop Trouble 15$ - SOLD


Atari 7800:

- RealSport Baseball 5$



I will do my best to keep this first post updated as games are sold.


Thank you.

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