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Coleco Flashback TSOP Question


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Hi all,


Got back from hols today to see two CV Flashbacks delivered from the States - one 60 and one 61 game version. Both PCB's are the same according to the silkscreen on the PCB.


We swapped the TSOPs between the two boards to see if they worked and discovered that the 60 game version can run both chips no problem but the 61 game PCB only runs the 61 game chip.


The ICs are standard 1Meg by 16 devices (SST 39VF1602 (61 game) and MX 29LV160 (60 game)). The only difference between the parts seems to be that the MX chip can be enabled as either a 1m x 16 OR 2M x 8 device.


Does anyone know if there is an enable line that can do this or is it an instruction from the CPU since it seems weird that it wouldn't run. Checksums ar


Interestingly the 60 game that only works in it's original board was a pulled part and had been (pretty badly!) drag solder on the board. We cleaned it prior to fitting it.


If anyone knows how the chip arrangement is done on that particular part I'd be grateful. I've searched Google to no avail and a friend who would know is unavailable.




James :-}

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