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Lynx Multi Card Preorders


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Thank you saint for putting me on the list aswell being almost in the middle of the list, i have calculated that if the lynx sd card will be £65 and shipping nationaly being £12 pounds ,sothat it wiil be £ 77 pounds ,that means i should pay 97 euros,but it's word the price concidering the hard efford and of doing this aswell being partialy hand crafted together, well i think i will go for an uncased one because of being compatible with lynx 1 and it maybe somewhat cheaper tjen the cased version, but am not sure.

Anyway, i will have now the patience to wait for it.

Also if those second 5 hand batched prototypes becomes a succes ,a high production run can finaly start,thumps up.?

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Darnit, you hold off saying "I'm in for one of these" to keep the thread from being noisy, and you end up around number 100 ;).


Still on for it though, cash waiting, and any favours that allow fellow Gloucester people to jump up the list welcome. :thumbsup:

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