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Famicom A/V mod service?


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Does anyone offer a service for A/V modding a Famicom? All I'm finding in Google are consoles for sale that have already been nodded or kits for doing the mod yourself, and that's something I don't trust myself to do.


The basic mod is to use this kit with only tiny adaptations : http://www.stoneagegamer.com/nes-toploader-av.html


I am not a fan of the mod because it requires cutting a pin or cutting traces. It is easier to cut a trace than a pin because you can fix the trace very easily.


If you don't want to cut a trace, leaving the jailbars prominent, then the mod is practically foolproof if you know which end of the iron to hold.


You may wish to ask on FamicomWorld's forums if you haven't already.

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