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Alp's Art Blog - Long Overdue Art Update!


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I had some computer problems (my windows XP machine died), and now I'm working on a cheap laptop, while I get things sorted out.

Here's the last mock-up I had worked on, for "Cat Quest 2600". Dark Caves, lit by a lantern item.
Enemies would be invisible in caves, when the player does not have have the lantern.


Recently, I've been working on a collaboration with a fellow porn artist, on a hentai parody of Hydlide.
The game is titled "Transamnia", after Global Transient Amnesia.

The game's plot follows a hermaphrodite heroine Jizzabelle, on her quest to fuck, or be fucked, while facing off against the forces of a mysterious entity known as "DARK PHALLUS" :P

(Insert adult-themed cover-art here, complete with phallic imagery. Which I will NOT post, here.)

The game is NROM-restricted, and makes use of organic tiling, for a more convincing world.
There is time travel across 5 time periods, all of which are affected by Jizzabelle's actions in the past.
(For example, Jizzabelle can impregnate NPCs in the past, increasing the future's population.)

Here's a preview of a more recent mock-up. Beware of fish nipples. :P


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