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Is there anyone currently who is making homebrew carts and unreleased games


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Longtime fan of the TI 99 system and was wondering if there is anyone currently putting homebrews and unreleased games on carts these days. Just checking in. I typically reside in the 2600 and 7800 forums, but just wanted to see. A great and often overlooked classic computer.

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I do a lot of them. I also put a lot of things on multicarts with a whole lot of TI software available from single menus. You can also find a lot of them on the Arcadeshopper site, as Greg gets parts or complete cartridges from me to put up there. A lot of the more recent homebrews require 32K to be present to work. . .but not all.

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Wow, thanks for the heads up folks, most appreciated. I will probably be contacting some folks via pm soon :). Looking forward to playing some TI stuff. I have a pretty good collection of games, among some rare stuff. The more I game on the system, the more I like it.

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The more I game on the system, the more I like it.


Yep! Have you seen the two multi-carts Rasmus has put out? His 8-N-1 has all his "Home Brew" original games and ports. He's done things with the TI and games that will quite frankly blow your mind (if you've not been keeping up).





Also his recent Atarisoft compilation is one heck of a cartridge too. The nice thing about this one, ANYONE with just a basic console can use it. as it does not require memory expansion. As a mattewr of fact, the cartridge pictured below will be given away at Fest West on April 30th.




Now there is another way to "GAME" on the TI too, Stuart wrote an Internet Browser and Corey (ElectricLab) wrote a Chess program for it, so now you can play multiple games of Chess with other TI'ers using your TI over the Internet.




The TI has come a LONG way in just the past two years! ;-) And that's just the cartridge stuff!

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--- Ω --- what Atari games are on that module? How can I get this module? I'am in search for Atari collection on module (all Atari TI games)!

Please, Please, Please!!!!!!!


This .BIN image for the cartridge can be downloaded << HERE >>

The cartridge label shown can be downloaded << HERE >>

You can see the best way to attach that label << HERE >>

And you can purchase the UberCart and AT49F040 to put the BIN image on << HERE >>


Greg (arcadeshopper) might even burn it for you, if not, and your are interested in learning to burn your own cartridges, it's fairly inexpensive to get started down that path. For more information on that, << CLICK HERE >>


I hope this helps. ;-) Good luck, because it's a GREAT little cartridge.

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