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Best way to get RGB from Genesis?


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Does anyone know the best way to hook up the Model 1 for RGB output? I was thinking of ordering this SCART cable and using this SCART to component converter to hook the system up to my CRT. Is there a better way to do it/a better SCART to component converter (a lot of reviews say they have a problem getting sound from it). I know an XRGB Mini Framemeister is often recommended, but I can't really spend $300+ on something like that at this time.

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I use that component transcoder and it works pretty good as long as you have the correct c-sync or non-c-sync scart cable for the console. In most cases you want the c-sync version.


The best place I've found for scart cables and framemeister accessories is:




But if you're just using it on a normal non-HD crt, then you don't need a framemeister at all. Just hook your c-sync Euro scart cable from your Genesis to the transcoder and component cables from the transcoder to your TV.

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