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Power supply for O2?


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I've googled and searched but can't seem to find the power requirements for an Odessy 2. The version with hard wired controllers.


I bought one for $10 and it's missing the power supply and the RF cable was cut.


I hope to do a composite mod and maybe replace that giant 4700uF cap.


Thanks for any help on finding power supply information is appreciated.

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Sorry, guess I didn't really answer your question there. Looking at the NES adapter, and yes, it is AC.: Input is AC 120V 80HZ 17W, and Output is AC 9V 1.8A (reading that right off the adapter itself). My O2 is the same as yours, with the hard wired controllers. Does it say DC somewhere on your system?

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Ah, found some better info with hows and whys here, along with a bunch of other goodies: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/faq/essentials/#50,


About 3/4 down the page:


How can I replace my Odyssey²'s power supply?


Luckily, you don't need an original Odyssey² power supply to run your console. Most electronics stores sell adjustable power supplies that you can use. Odyssey²'s power supply requirements are: 12v AC 600mA. However, Odyssey² consoles contain an internal bridge rectifier and 5v regulator, which means that it should be safe to use supplies that don't exactly match these specifications. It should be safe to use a power supply that provides anywhere from 9V to about 14V, AC or DC.


Many Odyssey² players use power supplies from other, more common consoles. A standard 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) power supply can be used on most Odyssey² consoles, just not the early models. If your Odyssey² has a round, female power port with a thin metal peg in the middle, it's compatible with an NES supply. If your console's power port is female, but smaller and lacking the metal peg, try an Atari 2600 supply. It should work! 22


Guess that explains why my NES adapter works...learn something new everyday it seems :grin:

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