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Intellivision faceplate decals?


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I imagine it would be tricky to peel off the plate without damaging it due to the raised bevel otherwise I would suggest peeling it off and pushing it out from behind. I haven't tried. Anyone done this?


I have one that's coming undone. It's built very much like a Vectrex controller sticker - and anyone who's repaired those knows the drill. Use a hair dryer to soften the glue and it'll come right off. Just need to CAREFULLY start prying on one of the short edges with a thin blade, making sure you don't put a bend in the metal plate as you go. That's really the tricky part - you don't want to add another crease to the thing! With patience, it's pretty straightforward.


Fix the dent, re-apply some glue, and press it down. Should be fairly simple, actually.

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Both Intellivisions have the same dent...and it had a cool custom box.

Looking at my opened unit it looks like there is a mold injection point under that spot at least on the inside or at least a bump for some reason, can't tell if there is supposed to be a recess under the plate without removing it. If it always has a dip it would dent like that easily.

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I was just cleaning and re-furbing an Intellivision system and thought... boy would it be nice if there was a replacement for these gold inserts. Every single unit I've come across has one or two dings or the crater problem. Having replacement decal inserts would really make it possible to shine up so many old units.


Maybe someday. I wish I knew how or had the capacity repro these.

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