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1977 catalog/brochure for retailers


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Hi new here. I like so many received a 2600 for Christmas back in late 1970s. I sold it so I could buy a Vic 20 and then while a comp sci student I bought the latest and greatest(or so I thought) 1040 ST. A rock band bought that from me a few years later because of the midi port. Anways I digress. I picked up a bunch of old electronic schematics mostly 50s stuff and mixed in was an Atari retailers brochure. This appears to have been for retailers and not consumers. I looked around and havent been able to find anything on this meaning it is probably super common. Just wondering if anybody has seen one if it was only given to retailers etc... Te front says Introducing Ataris official line of video games. Next year our competition will introduce them. It has the 2600, video pinball system,Stunt cycle, Tank II and ultra pong in it. It also has diagrams of in store layouts. So is it a rare piece or more common then a broken joystick?

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