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NES Game:Stadium Events Nintendo can anyone validate


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A friend is interested in this game listed here. Can any tell if this is legitimate or know about the seller. He is a serious buyer, but $75k is a lot to invest without some due diligence.


Advice on the authenticity of the game, vouching for the seller, and knowledge of what was originally packed in with the game would be appreciated.




Thank you in advance

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I'd definitely wait for more opinions then just mine, but it looks like the real deal to me. All of the pack-in materials like the manual and catalog are there, and it looks to be in great shape. Here's a link to Pat Contri's website about the game and the time another copy was found and sold. Pat Contri is Pat the NES Punk on YouTube, and is a definitive expert/collector of all things NES. Feel free to compare pics of that legit one to this one on eBay.


As for the seller, he's been a member since 2002 and has A LOT of positive feedback and barely any negative. Scam sellers usually don't have this kind of history on eBay.


As I said before, please wait for a second (and maybe third and fourth) opinion. But it looks legitimate, albeit very expensive, to me!

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