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Availability of 2nd hand 130XEs in UK?


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I've been watching Ebay UK for a bit for 2nd hand 130XEs and I've been a bit surprised about how few there are available.


I'm sure there were quite a few in shops back in the 80s (unlike the XEGS which I think I saw once) yet I rarely see them on sale whereas there are quite a few 800XLs.


I wonder if the XE sales figures were lower?



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well this thread


cites a total 8-bit range UK sale of 350,000.


total worldwide sales of the 800XL = 500,000



also there's this available as across the range worldwide sales:


Unfortunately, there is very little information about the sales of Atari products:
nmodel.........worldwide:..........UK estimates
VCS 2600: = 25,000,000
VCS 5200: = 1,000,000
VCS 7800: = not known
Lynx: = not known
Jaguar: = 225,000
400/800: = 800,000*...........100,000
1200 XL: = 105,000............NIL
800 XL: = 500,000............200,000
65/130xe: = 250,000.............50,000
ST: = 1,000,000
Falcon030: = 14,000
ST Book: = 1,000* **
* = Estimates, precise numbers not known
** = one of the rarest Laptops


so on the basis of UK total sales being 21% of total 8-bit worldwide sales (XL/XE slightly more as 400/800 and 1200XL scarce in UK) the third column are (my) best estimates

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