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AtariVox+ cable


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I've bought some time ago the AtariVox+ from AA shop. I've also bought a Sega extension cable from a shop

here i Germany. I've thought it's an original cable but it was the one from Retro-Bits.

Now I've modified the connectors on both sides so they fit to the Vectrex and the AtariVox+.

But the only thing I hear when I switch on the Vectrex is the mode wich choosen by the dip switches.

Example: "AtariVox VecVioce activated"

I'am sure it's the correct mode (for example) for Verzerk or Y.A.S.I. but in the games themeselves

there is no voice sound - that's the same for VecVox mode.

I've tested the extension cable with a Sega Megadrive - it's working.....

Is there something special about the cables form Retro-Bits? Maybe not all PINs are connected wich are

nesessary for the AtariVox+?

Or can it be a problem of the AtariVox+ itself?


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I do test the AtariVox+ with an Atari 2600 after building them, but I don't currently have a Vectrex, so I have no way to verify proper behavior with them. Although in general I would think that if the AtariVox works on the 2600, it should also work on the Vectrex.


I did buy some Retro-Bits extension cables at one point, hoping I could use them with the AtariVox+ and offer them as an option in the store. Unfortunately, as you discovered, the connectors are too large. I never tried modifying one, and instead purchased some original Sega Genesis controller extension cables. Those work great with the 2600 and 7800, but have not tested them with a Vectrex. I do not know if all the pins are connected in the Retro-Bits cable, but I would assume so. I'd need to dig one of those cables out of storage and test it with a meter to make sure all the pins are connected . Someone else here can probably verify before I am able to do that.


I don't suppose you have a 2600 or 7800 you can use to test an AtariVox game with speech support?



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