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Finally got a PS4


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Well, after thinking it over, I got a PS4 for my current gen console. I may pick up a XB1 or WiiU later (more likely the WiiU as the XB1 is basically the same as PS but with it's own first party)


Most of what went into making me get the PS 4, was actually the Xbox 360. Yeah. The original Xbox was (IMO) the best damn console of the new melimmimum. BUT, what MAKES a great cvonsole? It's the games, of course. PS2 had it's share of great games, but the Xbox got my love and playtime.


When the 360 came out, it was a no brainer, several reasons. Being HALF the price of the PS3 was the peak one. But the games were what really sold it.


But, then the problems. The 360 was the MOST unreliable console since the original PSX. Of course, it wasn't nearly as big a deal to get a new console every year or three when it was $100 instead of $300-$400. When I got my first replacement, I lost ALL my saves, my profile, gamescore (which was up around 50k at the time, I don't think I've even made it to 10k since) Why? Cause Microsoft decided nobody wanted memory cards. (this was before the whole cloud thing, not that it would have mattered, as I couldn't get info from the memory cards anwyas).


Top that off, as I said earlier, the games. Halo was a must have. To be honest, it has gotten progressively worse from game to game as they keep releasing new games. Mostly, it's because Halo is just trying to be yet another "Me too" Call of duty game. To be honest, if I was into call of duty, I'd get that damn game, it's way better at COD than Halo is ever going to be, besides, trying to be COD basically destroys what halo is. All the other games are simply missing from the lineup. Where's Project Gotham? Mech Assault. Brutal (basically 3rd person halo) Blood Wake, Chrimsom Skies? There's more but not off the top of my head. Xbox either completely ignored them, or destroyed the ones they kept.


My entire 360 experience was older halo, and third party games I could get on anything (effin call of duty anyone?) About the only game that they made that I loved was Viva Pinata, it was awesome, and even got a sequel, but that was 8 years ago?


Oh, and Rare, in the 16 bit up to the xbox era, they made games that made it worth owning a console for. Microsoft bought them, and I think they made 3 games since then. Yeah, lets buy them for their awesome games, and then not use them.


Anyhow, the whole time I was just thinking "gee, I wish I had a PS3 Such and such, and so and so came out, they actually seem to be trying" They kept making their big names, and added more to their stable.


So, yeah, "just to piss my friends off" I bought a PS4. I put that in quotes, because a year before either had come out, I said I would get a PS4 first, it's not my fault if they went with Xbox for third party games, and Halo 5, which they got and promptly stopped playing, wow, that was fun. This was before the entire Live Event Fiasco (yeah, you have to have a kinect, be online, cant trade games, have to suck our dicks, and damn well better thank us for it, yeah, I know the backlash almost immediately made them change their tune, but I went from a "last console to acquire of the new generation", to "Probably won't get it at all" Yeah, all before the systems had even come out, so it's not like they didn't know. I guess they thought I was just lying or something :P


Anyhow, went and got a PS4. So far I have 9 games for it.


Little Big Planet 3. Nice platformer, it's no mario and the controls seem rather clumsy, unnecessarily. But its' still fun, and I play it a bit, not as much as I was hoping, but hey, it was cheap.

BorderLands the handsome edition. Borderlands, nuff said. :P

Infamous, Son of Sam. Uh...I just realized I need to open that one sometime.

Dying Light. Dead Island, with a new level, hey, I loved dead Island, so this game kicks ass.

Elder Scrolls Online. Eew....just no. I did the MMO thing way back when on everquest and early Wow, didn't like it then either, I was hoping for MMO more to the flavor of ES, not just an ES skin on an ancient and frankly not fun older MMO format.

Evolve. Sounds awesome in concept. Played the tutorials, all of them, and that kicked ass. Played the game and no...just no. If the game played like the tutorial letting you get a head start it would have been more fun IMO, but it throws you off the deep end, so to speak, and was simply to hard to keep me interested.

Drive Club. Racing cars, lots of fast card around lots of tracks. It's cool, racing was always cool though, its hard to F(censor) that up.

Fallout 4. (skull explodes) I was worried about where they would go after vegas, I loved 3, hated vegas. Fallout 4 is simply amazing. Building your own villages was awesome, and if I ever finish the world, that can add a lot to the game.

Minecraft. I think I said "cocaine laced crackrock" as a description of this game at one point. Sadly, this is my most played game (by FAR) on the new console. If you select the big world, it's roughly 30x bigger than the last gen games. Yeah, the computer has an infinite mode, but my gaming computer is about 9 years out of date, so I never tried on there, except way back when they only had stone and dirt, and almost no editing of the terrain at all. Nothing wrong with the game, it looks the same, better draw distance, bigger world, its just funny to buy a new console to play a game I was already playing.


That's about it. Oh yeah, last of us, but it's a download game and our internet (which is the best available in our area) can't play streamed games...I know I tried. My only real complaint is this, if I can stream "X" PS3 game, why can't I pop in the disc and play the game off disc? Someone mentioned "no emulator" well, if there was no emulation, you couldn't stream a game either, I would assume. Maybe they will fix this in the future, so you can play real discs, or at least download a game proper, I still want to play PS3 Locoroco.


Anyhow, so far, love the system. Don't know about reliability, hopefully that won't be a problem. I'm loving the exclusive games, and most of the third parties drive my friends nuts as for some reason, Sony gets the love and can sometimes get updates months in advance.


Oh yeah, updates....I HATE updates (especially those that seem to do nothing) but the PS4 (and I assume XB1) nips this in the bud, by allowing you to download the updates while the system is sleeping, or even while you play the games, though no online till you finish the updates. It's still nice you can skip it, and still get it in the background.


Ok, so what games are good? I like platformers, and creative games like minecraft (didn't like teraria though, I guess 2D minecraft didn't appeal to me as much as I had hoped) and the creative aspects of Fallout4.....most of the big multiplayered multi platform games I won't get till I get an XB1 (if I ever get one) because most of them are ones I'd play with friends, and I don't see them getting a PS4.


One last thing, is it just me, but is the PS4 menu kind of difficult and not self explanatory, even though it looks like it would be super simple? Also, do they make a wired controller? Mine lives plugged in anyways, due to dying rather fast. Any neat accessories for the system?

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I've been playing Earth Defense Force 4.1 which has been great. There are some slight dips in the framerate once in awhile though. I don't have the internet at my place yet so it might have been patched.


Word of warning though. For some stupid reason Sony made my current PS4 not my primary one even though I've only had one. That means I can't play any of the downloaded games until I get the phantom PS4 deactivated. To do that I have to deal with customer service which I hate to do. Or I can deactivate ALL my Playstation systems tied to my account online which is stupid. I never had an issue like this with my XBoxOne or PC.


So yeah, make sure you activate it as your primary system. Any game you want to be able to play offline I would buy on disc just in case.Just thought I'd throw that in as a heads up. You might want to check out the Metro collection too. Pretty cool thing they did is the controller light acts as your stealth indicator. GTA 5 is also a lot of fun and looks pretty good. The first person camera is great.

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Damn you got a lot of games with it. Infamous was pretty good.


Its nice, its fast and easy to navigate once you get it. Basically all games are on the bottom XMB and all other system options are on the top XMB. The one thing I really hate is the store which they changed years ago. It used to be pretty good. Now I do almost everything online, the searching is much better and you can "favorite" stuff.



Towerfall Ascension (1-4 player mayhem)

Aquakitty (Seaquest/Defender)

Resogun (Defender)

Titan Attacks (Space Invaders)

Ultratron (Robotron)

Axiom Verge (Metroid)

Guacamelee (Metroid beat em up)

Woah Dave! (Mario Bros?)

Broforce (fun)

Escape Goat 2

Metal Slug 3

Shovel Knight

Rock Boshers DX (C64/ZX Spectrum)

Rocket League (best football game ever made)

Zen Pinball\Pinball Arcade (expensive)



Other games:

Far Cry Primal (there's crafting and village building but not like Fallout. You may like this or FarCry 4)

Bloodborne (only apply if you like difficult action RPG's)

Diablo III (gets tedious but still fun, lots of customization)

The Last of Us (only if you never played it)

Uncharted collections (only if you never played them)

Borderlands Handsome Collection (cant go wrong but these games cause burnout IMO)

Shadow Warrior (hilarious FPS)

Until Dawn (interactive horror, impressed me but you may not like this)

Wolfenstein Old Blood

Witcher 3 (only if you like long ass RPG's)


There's a bunch of other stuff I like that you may not, Sniper Elite, Dishonored, Alien Isolation and even Dragon Age Inquisition. Played Destiny a lot but I don't think I'll be going back to that. I haven't tried Metal Gear yet, heard that it pretty damn good.



Get an extra controller and then buy this charging station.


Go here to manage your devices (if you have more than one, Vita, Ps4 etc). Only need to go here if you have two systems etc.


Get a bigger hard drive....if you can get a 2tb.

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Thanks guys.


I got dishonored for 360, other than graphics is there a difference on a current console?


As for your system becoming not your primary, it's probably someone trying to hack your account to get games or something. After the original Xbox jacked money off my card to buy another year of live (despite having years left at the time) I won't put a credit card on ANY console any more, so I don't figure I have to worry about that.


Oh yeah, Far Cry Primal, One of my friends has that, and it does indeed look awesome. I plan on getting it soon.

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I got dishonored for 360, other than graphics is there a difference on a current console?



Nope but it does come with the Knife of Dunwall DLC where you play that assassin "bad" guy but its not worth it if you have it already.


Yeah Primal was a pleasant surprise, its not that bad, it kind of hooks you and you cant stop playing for a while. I had zero interest in any Farcry games but like you a friend of mine was playing it and told me about it and I had to take a chance and try it. Besides there's so few Caveman games out there. :P

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My wait was for the games.

I'm more of a "racing games" player, especially bikes. When I heard (last Sept or Oct '15) that a Valentino Rossi game was being developed, I knew I would be buying a next gen console.

Valentino Rossi The Game came out in August '16, and thats when I bought my PS4.

I went with PS4, just because I guess. I have a 360, but have owned all previous PS iterations.


PS4 games I have...


Valentino Rossi The Game : MotoGP16 - Big fan of the Rider, so I love it all the same. Ya, It's more bike racing.

Ride - Kinda like GT or a Forza game. Lots of great bikes to ride/buy/upgrade. I like the game play of this one too.

Trials Fusion - This one is fun! Side scroller kinda of action with jumps, loops, explosions...fun bike tilting physics title.

MX vs ATV Supercross Encore - More MX vs ATV action. A good series, looks good too!

MXGP2 - Real tracks, real riders. Cool motocross racer. Kinda hard.

MadMax - I don't know about others and other views, but I'm loving this game. I love the simple yet satisfying controller fight mechanics. Love the combos and giving bad guys a good beat down.

Transformers - Pretty cool. Have got too far into this one yet. Looks cool though!

Blood Bowl 2 - I have the board game. I had no idea this was even out. Im not a football fan, but dam...I love the shxt out of this game!

GTA5 - Own this... regardless if you already have it on PS3. I did.

Marvel Pinball - I just got this one so not much to say other than, if you like pinball and marvel comics....


Now I'm just waiting for Ride 2, and MotoRacer 4. I think they are already released in Europe. We always get the Bike Racing titles last. Rossi was available almost 2 months later in US after being released in Europe.


Good idea on the controller charger. My controller stays plugged in too.

I hate how they have the "Options" button placed. Its the small oval button to the right of the big touch pad. I can never press it correctly without having to actually look for it, carefully place my finger on it, then press it. Otherwise I mash the touch pad. Very annoying.

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I currently have 44 games for the PS4 and must concede it's up there as one of my favorite systems now after years of ignoring Sony's machines.


I have 23 physical games on the PS4 (and 100 or so digital titles on top of that) and I totally skipped over the PS3 years. I really enjoy the PS4 and I'm thinking I will pick up PSVR in the new year when I can walk into a store and pick it up without getting on some wait list (and don't even try to sell me on the cheaper version as I don't have the camera or the move controllers).

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