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Buying/Selling/Fixing/Understanding an Astrocade


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Are you interested in the Bally Arcade/Astrocade, but don't know much about it? Have you heard that the console can overheat and you're worried about your system? "Buying and Selling an Astrocade," by "Boxpressed," will help Astrocade owners deal with some of the common issues that can face this classic console.




This article gives a good summary of what to expect as an Astrocade owner. If you know of other articles that will be helpful to Astrocade users, then chime in with some links.



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I added a new "FAQ" to BallyAlley.com called


"Bally Arcade / Astrocade Motherboard Troubleshooting: Hints, Tips and Fixes: An Exchange of Ideas" by Michael Matte,compiled by Adam Trionfo.


You can download it here:




The default download for this document is pdf. It is also available in a RTF and TXT formats.


This document contains all of the emails (or most of them, I think) where Michael Matte, a member of the Astrocade community, discusses fixing six dead motherboards sent to him by Allen, another Astrocade member who fixes people's motherboards. The document, which includes an introduction by Adam Trionfo, is 22 pages long. It includes some email from Allen and Adam too.


The information in the document is probably not likely to be understood by non-tech readers, at least in part. Just read the introduction and skip the bits that you don't understand. This collection of email is sort of a hardware-fixer's paradise. There is a true narrative told here, even though that wasn't Michael's original intent when he started sending emails to Adam and Allen.


If you read the entire compiled document from start to finish in one sitting, then you'll find that it's a GREAT read; you'll love it! When you read through the document, then be aware that there are some bits that might be wrong or outdated. Don't consider this a draft that needs fixing; it's not that at all. This is a document that compiles a story and stories aren't perfect: the bits of a story that are rough around the edges are what makes it great.





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